The World’s Leading Spot Exchange for ESG Commodity Markets

CBL is a global exchange platform for transacting energy and environmental commodity products such as carbon, renewable energy, water, and natural gas. We connect buyers and sellers to trade multiple environmental products on one screen.


Centralized Platform to Trade Products

Commodity-Trading Nexus
Straight-Through Processing
Reduced Transaction Costs
No Counterparty or Delivery Risk
Price Transparency
Anonymity Guaranteed
Easy Entry for New Participants
Same Day Settlement


A Clear Path to Carbon Neutral

Introducing the Global Emissions Offset™, a new way to trade carbon. The GEO provides companies with streamlined ways to meet compliance and voluntary carbon goals and to manage future price risk.

GEO spot and futures markets enable market participants to buy high-quality carbon offsets—without having to evaluate the vast universe of disparate offset projects. That’s because underlying every GEO contract is an offset that meets the stringent eligibility criteria defined by the International Civil Aviation Organization for CORSIA.

The GEO spot contract is traded on the CBL exchange and the GEO futures on the CME. Together, the contracts provide liquidity, transparent price discovery, risk transference mechanisms, and a reliable benchmark for the global carbon market.

Joining the Exchange

Joining CBL is easy. Simply read the operating rules and procedures and complete the application form. After submitting your application, provide your supporting documentation and we will establish CBL product and cash accounts, and provide you with access to the exchange.



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